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CCI has left the representation of Grace
New brand represent

Incorporation of new represented Solvay that come to complement existing ones and we thank and welcome them:
Mainly special Monomers, Surfactants for Polymerization, Surfactants and Specialties.

New brand represent

W.R.Grace has named the company CCI S.A as Local Distributor for all Chemical segments: Pharma,Feed and Food, Plastics and Rubber, Cosmetics and Detergents, Pulp and Paper,Coatings and Inks, and Molecular Sieves, which is a tremendous challenge for all of us in developing new opportunities for the mentioned markets.

New brands represented

Integration of 2 new companies , adding to the broad existing portfolio in CCI.Welcome to them:
- Wellchem Chemicals from China: for special products to be used in intumescent paints such as melamines, penta and ammonium polyphosphates.
- Pritty from China, for perlescent and interference pigments , to be used in Paints and Inks, Cosmetics , Plastics and Automotive applications.
The 2 innovation projects done with University of Concepción , are now in the patent process.
- There are 5 new confidentiality agreements for the development of new products for the Chilean market.

Launching new Website - CCI S.A.
New image on the structure of our website, with new the concepts and values of our company, order in the information as well as application of modernity and technology.

CCI S.A. It starts in their new laboratories installations, more studies and developments with the latest new acquisition: Hockmeyer Nanotechnology mill.
With this new Mill has started with new developments for different areas for example: coatings, inks, pulp and paper and wood.
Projects: CCI S.A. together with U. Concepcion and Pasteur Laboratories.
April 2011, Has won 2 innovation projects of innovation
~ Antimicotic agent against the "Candida Albicans", from sulphate turpentine.
~ Nutraceuticals Phase II, starting from grapes residues.
PERIOD 2010 - 2009
New Lines of Samsung Fine Chemicals
It extends the product range of the new lines of Samsung Fine Chemicals.
~ HEC: hydroxyethyl Cellulose, for paints and polymerization segment.

~ Any Coats – For pharmaceutical applications.

New Partners for Pharmaceutical / Feed
Due to our continued growth and trying to provide a much better service for our esteem customers, we have added new companies for the Pharmaceutical area, specially for the feed industry.
~ Huashu Pharmaceutical Corporation
~ Jiangsu Baozong & Baoda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
~ Beijing Infoark Technology Development Co., Ltd.
~ Tianjin Tianmao Technology Development Co., Ltd.

CCI LTDA. becomes CCI S.A.
CCI Ltd. from July 9, 2008 changed as company characteristics "Limited" , to become CCI S.A. and its continues with good quality and service from our main offices and warehouse located in Av. Jorge Hirmas N°2679, in Renca, Santiago de Chile.
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CCI S.A. appointed as agent distribuitor for Cognis Care Chemicals division.
November 2008, CCI S.A. has been appointed distributor of Cognis Care Chemicals line for products that are directly related to cosmetics and detergents, which is in addition to the already known presence of Cognis in CCI S.A. since October 2006 in the area of Functional Products, that goes into markets such as Paints, Inks, Polymerization and Construction.

New Offices and Warehouse for CCI S.A.
CCI S.A. as a strong Company in the Chemical Chilean market, has generated a new big change , as of April 2008, is located in new offices in Renca for a much better service in distribution ,stockage of the products.
From this strategic place will cover the requirements of our esteem customers in a quick way , helping them with their processes and businesses.
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PERIOD 2007 - 2006
FAM an strategic alliance
CCI Ltd. as good young company, is looking to expand its mission to provide the best products and technology available on the market, so that our customers and represented have due confidence of a quality service, improving and expanding our activities and in this particular case to the area of biotechnology and medicine.
CCI Ltd. In Lan´s New image
CCI Ltda. exclusive agent PPG Aerospace and PRC-De Soto has participate in LAN makeover with the special paints "Desothane H.S."

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